Feb 7 2013

Nurturing Spiritual Habits with Youth – The Rev. Michael Bird

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Lunch & Lecture Series 2012-2013
The Rev. Michael A. Bird – "Nuruturing Spiritual Habits with Youth" (March 5, 2013)


Youth don’t so much want to be lectured about God as they want to experience God. This experience comes from walking with God each day, not just on Sunday mornings. What are the spiritual disciplines, practices and traditions that help bring us closer to God and how do they work for today’s youth? We’ll explore ways to support our youth in developing and following their own “rule of life.”

The Rev. Michael A. Bird is the Rector at Christ Church, Bronxville, NY. A dynamic leader with over 15 years of experience in youth work, Rev. Bird's ministry has emphasized helping young people incorporate worship, spiritual practices and covenantal rule into their weekly lives.





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